Robotics Designs

The Level 4 students have been investigating robotics.

The purpose of their investigations is:

  • To explore using computer programming to control robotic devices and perform electronic functions.
  • To explore the use and purpose of robotics in our everyday lives.
  • Their investigations are designed to answer the following questions:

    What is a robot?
    What purpose do they serve?
    How do robots work?

    What is a robot?
    Student ideas:
    It is a mechanical device that was designed to make our lives easier.
    A piece of equipment that uses energy to move or perform a task.
    A robotic humanoid that is programmed to do your command.
    An electronic machine that is programmed by computers and can be controlled by humans to do many tasks.
    A machine that helps the disabled or businesses to do things fast.
    A mechanical object that helps us do things.
    A mechanical machine to make human’s lives easier.
    A computer controlled machine that can be made of metal or plastic and it helps people.
    A technical device that will perform a certain response.
    A machine that needs energy and has moving parts.
    A machine that is programmed to assist people.

    What purpose do they serve?
    In order to answer this question we have been watching videos showing how robots can be used in the real world.
    Click on the links below to view some of the videos. 

    Dancing Robots

    Home Robots

    Robotic Pets

    Autonomous Car

    Humanoid Robot

    How do robots work?
    The students have been investigating how robots can be programmed to carry out a function using ProBotics robots and software.

    Students working together to program the robots.

    Students worked together to write programming sequences for the following shapes and designs.

    Computer Drawings

    To View the robots in action, click on the links below.